New Carriage Brake for UtiliTrak linear motion system

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New Carriage Brake for UtiliTrak linear motion systemHepcoMotion is introducing the new Bishop-Wisecarver UtiliTrak Carriage Brake System that is described as a simple mechanism that allows the UtiliTrak linear motion system to be manually locked at any user-selected position along the rail.

UtiliTrak comes into its own where low cost, easy installation and minimal maintenance are the primary application objectives. It provides high reliability in a sleek and compact design and is frequently specified where high load capacity, stiffness and positional accuracy are not the main priorities. Anti-friction movement, low noise, compactness and smooth running are its main qualities.

The two-component UtiliTrak Carriage Brake System comprises a handle and a brake block that fits over the existing lubricator end caps. Its twin brake arms straddle the rail and are engaged and disengaged by turning the handle. The block itself is fabricated from aluminium and is hard-anodised for corrosion and abrasion resistance, a good gripping/braking action and long life.

HepcoMotion explains that the brake system components are positioned below the carriage's payload mounting surface to minimise interference, and the angular position of the handle arm can be adjusted without affecting the brake engagement status or level of braking force. An additional brake assembly can be assembled at the opposite end of the wheel plate for added braking strength.

Suitable for four UtiliTrak sizes (0, 1, 2 & 3) in the steel (SW), aluminium (PW) and Open Channel series, the new Carriage Brake System is designed for applications where handle arm access space is limited. It is easily retrofitted by end-users to existing UtiliTrak systems or factory pre-assembled by HepcoMotion on new systems. Contact HepcoMotion for more information.

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