ALR aluminium rings are cost-effective for less demanding tasks

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ALR aluminium rings are cost-effective for less demanding tasksHepcoMotion is launching ALR aluminium rings as a cost-effective choice for medium-precision, lightly-loaded applications. This product will also appeal to those wanting low-noise operation and non-magnetic materials.

Bishop-Wisecarver DualVee polymer over-moulded guide wheels with integral studs make a significant contribution to the rings' virtually noiseless operation. They run exceptionally smoothly with little friction or wear on the ring vees. All metal parts are stainless steel and the shielded wheel bearings are lubricated for life.

ALR rings are machined from high-strength aluminium alloy and are anodised for durability and corrosion resistance. The attractive finish provides a good running surface for the DualVee polymer wheels.

HepcoMotion can supply ALR rings with a special finish that is more corrosion resistant than stainless steel and is very durable. Furthermore, it is approved by the US Department of Agriculture for food use.

Rings are available in four standard sizes from 148mm to 300mm in diameter and these are compatible with the size 2 DualVee wheels. For smaller, lighter applications, sizes 1 and 0 DualVee wheels can also be specified.

Special rings can also be supplied economically. The choice includes different diameters and thicknesses, rings with internal vees, gear-cut rings and rings machined in the form of self aligning timing belt pulleys. Contact HepcoMotion for more information about the ALR aluminium rings.

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