Single-point level switches suit high-volume OEM applications

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Single-point level switches suit high-volume OEM applicationsGems Sensors and Controls is launching a new version of its proven LS-3 Series single-point level switch. These small, lightweight and robust devices are suitable for a wide range of OEM and end user applications, including small tanks, areas with limited access and fluid systems where low-cost switches are required in high volumes.

The LS-3 series level switches use a proven method of construction, with a magnet-equipped float in direct contact with the surface of the liquid being monitored; the magnet actuates a reed switch that is hermetically sealed within the stem of the device. This provides instant and precise measurement of liquid level. In common with all Gems buoyancy-type level switches, contact between the fluid and the switch is fully isolated and sealed to ensure a long and trouble-free operating life.

LS-3 Series level switches are available in a wide variety of engineered plastics, including polysulfone, polypropylene, and FDA-approved PVDF. These materials offer compatibility with water-based, chemicals, oil and food substances in many different applications, helping volume unit costs to be minimised for OEMs.

Gems says the new switches can be operated with either end up, feature a fluted stem that prevents a build-up of dissolved solids (which is a feature that is claimed to be unique), can withstand temperatures ranging from -40 to +121degC, and can be used in systems operating at pressures up to 10.3bar. Each unit measures just 2.2cm in diameter and less than 5.0cm in length, is quick and simple to install and is virtually maintenance-free. Mounting options include 3/8"-16 straight thread, 1/8" NPT, G1/8", and M12x1.75 straight thread; switch actuation can easily be changed from normally-open to normally-closed simply by reversing the float position on the stem.

LS-3 switches can also be supplied in unique configurations for special applications, such as low liquid levels and turbulent fluids, and are approved to UL Recognition, CE, CSA and FDA. This makes the LS-3 one of the most versatile low-cost level switches available, backed up by Gems Sensors' comprehensive European technical and sales support.

Follow the link for more information about the LS-3 Series single-point level switches.

20 September 2011

Gems Sensors & Controlsvisit website
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