IQ Flat inductive sensors are 4-10mm thick with 1.5-7mm range

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IQ Flat inductive sensors are 4-10mm thick with 1.5-7mm rangeSick (UK) is launching a new range of IQ Flat inductive sensors. The four competitively-priced models are said to be easy to install, with single- or twin-screw mounting, and are between only 4mm and 10mm thick for positioning in recessed positions within moving machinery.

The Sick IQ Flat range is suitable as a replacement sensor for machinery and equipment positioning duties, inside or outside; all models are sealed to IP67.

Sick IQ04 and IQ06 models feature tough plastic housings and single-screw fixings, whereas the Sick IQ20 and IQ25 models have robust die-cast metal housings with twin-screw fixings. The sensing ranges are between 1.5mm and 7mm, depending on the model.

Sick's IQ Flat sensors can be plugged in for immediate sensing availability, and have an LED status indicator. Additionally, the IQ Flat's stable operation over long periods ensures sensing reliability.

For more information on the Sick IQ Flat inductive sensors, contact Ann Attridge () or Andrea Hornby () or telephone +44 (0)1727 831121.

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