Miniature laser area scanner suits detection and sorting tasks

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Miniature laser area scanner suits detection and sorting tasksSick (UK) is launching the TiM300 series miniature laser scanners for a wide range of industrial automation, collision-protection and security duties where high-performance detection must be combined with excellent reliability and compact dimensions.

Although the rugged, metal-housed Sick TiM300 is small enough to hold in the hand, it is based on the same time-of-flight infra-red laser scanning technology as Sick's highly regarded LMS series of long-range laser scanners (also referred to as Lidar - light detecting and ranging - scanners). The TiM300 also has easy-to-use zonal programming via a USB port or on-sensor buttons for accurate determination of protected areas. The PC-based software is provided free by Sick.

The TiM300 has a range of up to 4m for high-reflectivity targets and 2m on 10 per cent reflectivity targets (such as black objects), with a scanning angle of 270deg. Up to 16 field sets can be programmed, each with three fields for indication, warning and stopping zones. Its 2D scanning capability enables the TiM300 to both protect and guide unmanned vehicles and overhead rail conveyors, even on curves. It also provides presence detection, monitors pallets and load integrity in tight spaces, and guard displays where a discreet or hidden sensor is desirable. Response time is 134ms and the sensor is sealed to IP65. Note, however, that this sensor is not suitable for machinery safety applications.

Low power consumption

As part of its advanced specification, the TiM300 is highly energy-efficient; at only 3W, its power consumption is claimed to be half of that of comparable scanner sensors. This makes it suitable for battery-powered and remote mounting, where power drain must be controlled.

Tim Stokes, the Product Manager, says: "With the launch of this innovative miniature scanner, customers will be able to operate it in restricted areas where the size and cost of alternatives is prohibitive. This will open up a wide range of applications that were previously unavailable."

Follow the link for more information about the Sick TiM300 miniature laser scanner sensor. Alternatively, contact Ann Attridge () or Andrea Hornby (), or telephone +44 (0)1727 831121.

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