New high-efficiency, variable-speed, bent-axis hydraulic motors

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New high-efficiency, variable-speed, bent-axis hydraulic motorsParker Hannifin is launching a new range of hydraulic motors that has been developed to provide outstanding efficiency and performance in demanding applications including winch and hoist drives, cranes and other mobile and construction equipment. The new V14 110 and 160 variable-speed bent-axis motors offer a high power-to-weight ratio and feature hydraulic proportional control (HPC) with pressure cut-off, providing an easy-to-install and operate motor that improves machine reliability, performance and productivity.

The new V14 110 and 160 hydraulic motors are designed for use with open and closed circuits, have a wide displacement range of 5:1, and are capable of operating at pressures of up to 480bar with a displacement of between 22 and 160cc per revolution, depending on the model. Maximum power output is 335kW, for the larger of the two motors, with 255Nm of output torque at 100bar, and operating temperatures being down to -40degC.

Parker says the V14 motors feature the company's nine-piston configuration, with each piston being lightweight, compact and spherical in design with high-performance laminated piston rings, and a low-inertia motor shaft. These features produce extremely high levels of start-up torque, rapid acceleration and fast shaft speeds, while ensuring quick response to changes in operating load or conditions.

High efficiency

The new motors also feature low-friction rotating parts, plus heavy-duty tapered roller shaft bearings, robust O-rings on all housing seals and specially designed internal passageways to enhance the flow dynamics and eliminate problems of oil turbulence. The net effect is to create motors with exceptionally high levels of efficiency, with minimal noise and energy consumption, and with a long, leak-free and reliable operating life.

V14 110 and 160 motors are available with a choice of mounting, shaft end, control and valve options; for example, the latter includes brake, pressure relief and flushing valves, while control options include pressure compensators, with or without hydraulic, and proportional and two-position hydraulic or electromechanical control.

The new hydraulic motors are backed by Parker Hannifin's global network of manufacturing, sales and customer support centres.

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