New Han Q 2/0 high-voltage connectors with crimp terminations

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New Han Q 2/0 high-voltage connectors with crimp terminationsHarting is introducing new Han Q 2/0 high-voltage power interface connectors with crimp terminations. The connectors use Harting's proven Han C power contacts in the cross-section range from 1.5mm2 to 10mm2 or 16 AWG to 8 AWG. The performance of this range of connectors makes them suited to a wide range of industrial applications including drives and controls, automotive engineering and rail technology.

Standard Han Q 2/0 versions have a rated voltage of 400V at a nominal current of 40A, while the higher-voltage versions offer a rated voltage of 830V to satisfy more demanding applications.

The connector pairs are plug-compatible with the existing axial screw termination models, despite the different termination technology. This enables the use of combinations such as a male insert with crimp contacts on the device side and a female insert with axial screw contacts on the cable side.

Users also have a full range of options available for connector assembly, from efficient processing of the contacts with an automatic crimping tool to field installation with a simple hexagonal wrench.

Like the axial screw version, the crimp termination device also provides the safety of finger-protected contacts and the availability of 16 coding options to avoid confusion with other interfaces. All these features are incorporated in a size 3 A housing, which is the most compact that Harting offers with up to IP67 protection.

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