Brass power contacts cost less than copper contacts

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Brass power contacts cost less than copper contactsITT Interconnect Solutions is launching an addition to its range of APD 1-way connectors aimed at applications for the automotive engine and transmission, and off-road and construction vehicle cabin and chassis markets. The APD 1-way interconnect series now has power brass contacts that offer optimised operating current and a 20 per cent cost-saving compared to the machined high-performance copper contacts generally used for high-power applications. This lower-price addition to ITT ICS' 1-way APD portfolio was developed in response to customer demand for an economical power contact to parallel the high-power APD 1-way interconnects.

The new APD 1-way power crimp brass contact is available to suit cable cross-sections from 16mm2 up to 50mm2 and has a current rating up to 255A at 25degC (50mm2 cable cross-section). The 50mm2 contact has a collared bunch – a circular base added to the end contact to offer a more stable standing in the housing – for exceptionally large cable outer diameters.

Additional applications for the APD-1 way connector series with power brass contacts include air conditioning and cooling/heating systems, SCR/NOx applications, and the alternative energy market - particularly wind turbines.

Further details about APD 1-way connectors are available in an Applications Note downloadable from

27 July 2011

ITT Interconnect Solutions (ITT ICS)visit website
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