New buzzers, sirens and strobes from Avnet Abacus

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New buzzers, sirens and strobes from Avnet AbacusAvnet Abacus is introducing two new piezoelectric buzzers from Kingstate Electronics Corporation via a Pan-European deal with the leading Taiwanese maker of piezo buzzers, magnetic buzzers, micro speakers, dynamic receivers, electret condenser microphones and earphones.

Kingstate's KPEG1300S is a combined strobe-siren alarm. The piezoelectric buzzer measures 50mm high and has a diameter of 58mm. With a frequency of 2.5kHz it produces a minimum of 100dB (typically 105dB) at 12V DC and at a distance of 100cm. The unit also features six ultra-bright LEDs that can strobe with an intensity of 15,000mcd, providing a visual as well as audible alarm. The KPEG1300S is RoHS-compliant and sealed to IP55.

Another new product, the KPEG1600MS, is a piezoelectric buzzer with a motor siren tone. It also produces a minimum audible tone level of 100dB (typically 105dB) at 100cm at 12V DC.

Alan Jermyn, Vice President of Marketing, comments: "Kingstate invests in R&D to deliver smaller, multi-function products offering cost and value-added benefits. Avnet Abacus stocks a full range of Kingstate's innovative audible alarms and buzzers – which will be especially suited to applications in the fire and security, non-automotive transportation, and automation and machine tools sectors - and offers design-in support for developers of new products."

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