Extensive range of knobs, levers and handwheels for machines

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Extensive range of knobs, levers and handwheels for machinesElesa is promoting its range of 60-plus handles for manual machine operation. Such handles vary from small knurled knobs for instrument adjustment, to ball end knobs, and cylindrical handles for lever arms or actuating levers and for clamping functions. Each family is available in many sizes to match all kinds of industrial, manufacturing and instrumentation requirement.

They are particularly suitable for applications in factory automation, on fitness machines, tools and machines for gardening and goods transport, high-precision instruments and disability aids.

Elesa's fixed and revolving handles are offered in a variety of tough materials that are resistant to the many solvents and cleaning materials encountered in machine environments such as the production floor, disability equipment or agricultural operations. Typically, handles are manufactured in polyamide-based technopolymer or high-resilience polypropylene-based technopolymer (for greater comfort), also phenolic-based Duroplast and mirror-polished aluminium are used. Lever arms are chrome-plated steel with Duroplast knobs or handles. Further information regarding Elesa products may be found at

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