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Standard parts for woodworking machinesElesa is promoting its extensive range of standard parts for woodworking machines. Industrial woodworking machines are high-precision pieces of equipment with a requirement for great flexibility in the manufacturing process; high-quality standard components are therefore likely to be of great value in helping machine builders to reach their goals. Standard machine elements are Elesa's speciality, as can be seen from the company's series of direct-drive position indicators, adjustable clamping handles, three-arm knobs and spoked handwheels.

Elesa's DD52R box indicator features a reduced-height case that is particularly suitable for use on woodworking machines; these are assembled by sliding onto a machine spindle in any angular position to give a direct reading of the machine component. They are also suitable for motor-driven applications. Display is by means of a five-digit roller counter with a last-digit graduated scale and magnifying window. Stainless steel bushings are available, as is protection to IP67 if required.

Elesa's comfortable Ergostyle machine elements includes the ERM range of adjustable clamping handles in epoxy-coated zinc. These handles are advantageous where space is tight, since they allow partial tightening with a limited arc, then release and reverse to tighten again over the same arc. Other applications include repetitive clamping applications where the speedy ratchet-style action greatly enhances operator comfort and productivity.

High-strength clamping knobs are often required on woodworking machines and are catered for in the Elesa range by the VB.639 series that provides up to 130mm diameter of rugged leverage for heavy-duty operation.

In a similar vein, the VRTP spoked handwheels are ergonomic where a safe and comfortable grip is required even for high-torque, double-handed operation. Sizes are available from 80mm diameter up to 373mm, ensuring that the correct size may be cost-effectively specified for each machine. Further information regarding Elesa's standard parts for woodworking machines may be found at

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