Standard parts for printing and paper processing machines

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Standard parts for printing and paper processing machinesElesa is promoting its extensive range of standard parts for printing and paper processing machines. In particular, the DD52 series digital shaft position indicators, adjustable and vibration damping levelling feet, GN727 micrometer adjustable control knobs, GN700 continuous locking components and the CFA series plastic hinges which suit many types of machine guards.

Elesa DD51 and DD52 direct-drive digital position indicators are four- and five-digit sealed units in a high-impact technopolymer housing that is ultrasonically welded to make them suitable for shaft drive position readout applications in industrial environments. This aspect is further enhanced by the availability of an additional front seal to prevent the ingress of dust in arduous conditions to a level of IP67, and of stainless steel reduction sleeves. Reduction sleeves enable the shaft size accommodated to extend from 14mm down to 6mm in the DD51, and from 20mm to 12mm in the DD52.

Where delicate manual control is required, then sensitive micrometer adjustment can be provided by the new Elesa GN727 in either flange- or side-mounting formats. The GN727 provides accurate control of spindles, lead screws and similar mechanisms with either precise adjustment or alignment to a positive stop position. Operation is achieved without backlash for smooth forward/reverse transitions in either 10 or 15 rotation mode, with each rotation corresponding to one millimetre and each of 50 graduations on the adjuster knob corresponding to 0.02mm.

The unusual Elesa CFA/F is an external multi-leaf thermoplastic hinge with inbuilt 9-degree stop. It is suitable for machine guards, small equipment housings or for access doors where the opening angle must not exceed this angle. The system is said to be safe and secure for operators' hands, as it is a built-in function of the hinge mechanism. Further information regarding Elesa products may be found at

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