BJT series glass-reinforced technopolymer spherical rod ends

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BJT series glass-reinforced technopolymer spherical rod endsElesa its launching a new family of BJT series M6 to M14 glass-reinforced technopolymer spherical rod ends that are suitable for rotary, oscillating and linear movements, even in particularly aggressive environments and when water or humidity, fine dusts, dirt, fabrics and machining residues are present. The shaft rotary movement can take place directly on the inner diameter of the spherical cap, which is made of self-lubricating materials. These polymer rod ends are designed to require zero maintenance, with low wear, and to absorb vibration and stress while minimising noise. They have high mechanical strength and low weight, while being corrosion-resistant even in aggressive industrial environments.

The BJT series rod ends are said to be particularly good at compensating for misaligned linkages. Applications are likely to include sensor mechanisms, gas struts, rod control linkages, motion control, low-load power transmission and pneumatic actuators. These may be found in machine guards, print machines, light mobile equipment, and HVAC flap and valve controls.

This operation of oscillating levers and conversion of rotary to linear motion is particularly useful for remote operation of long rod systems. Further information regarding Elesa products may be found at

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