Inert solenoid pump can be used with tubing or a manifold

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Inert solenoid pump can be used with tubing or a manifoldLee Products is launching the LPL2 Inert Solenoid Pump that is said to meet the twin objectives of greater design flexibility and significant cost savings in manufacturing applications - and particularly so in the medical and scientific industries.

The LPL2 Inert Solenoid Pump features an innovative port head design for both tubing connections and manifold mounting, resulting in greater design flexibility. It enables designers to test a fluidic system using connections to soft 1/16inch tubing, then manifold-mount the same model of pump using standard O-ring seals after the system design has been proven and finalised.

In addition, the electrical interface of the LPL2 solenoid pump has been updated for greater design flexibility, as the contoured end-cap provides secondary connector retention and is compatible with standard AMP connectors. The pump benefits from a low power consumption of 2.5W, for either 12V or 24V operation, and provides standard dispense volumes of 50uL dispense per shot, +/-6 per cent, with other volumes available as specials.

The pump is available with compatible lead wire sets in two different lengths of either 6 or 24inch to suit the application.

Lee Products says that the LPL2 inert solenoid pump further extends the company's extensive range of space- and weight-saving fluid control products. These include miniature solenoid valves, micro dispense valves, nozzles, volume pumps, integrated manifolds and other fluid handling components.

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