AS-i Safety at Work relay can be configured for many functions

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AS-i Safety at Work relay can be configured for many functionsifm electronic is launching the AC041S safety relay, which the company says will be useful to OEMs and end users alike, as it can be used as either a standalone safety relay, or as part of an AS-interface Safety at Work network (AsiSafe network). The AC041S complies with the latest safety standards, having certification to IEC 61508 SIL3 and EN ISO 13849-1 PLe.

As a two-channel AS-interface safety monitor, the AC041S has more features than its predecessors, including the standard USB 2.0 interface and a chip card to back up settings, plus extra features built into the safety software for more functionality. The USB is for configuration and diagnosis on a PC with the user-friendly safety software from ifm electronic.

As a standalone safety relay, the AC041S features four safe inputs or eight standard inputs/outputs locally. It is now becoming more common with control devices to be able to configure a connection as an input or output; the AC041S is no exception. The outputs are solid-state, and can be used with relay expansion modules also available from ifm.

When used as an AS-i safety monitor, the AC401S also processes up to four safe inputs or eight standard inputs/outputs locally at the same time as monitoring up to 31 safe slaves in the AS-i system. ifm's user-friendly configuration and diagnostic software ASIMON V3.0 G2 enables clear and quick assignment and logical combination of the safety-related bus components in the tried-and-tested function block representation under Windows.

Chip card

Having the chip card in a pop-out slot in the front of the AC041S makes it easy to save a copy of any settings; this is very useful for OEMs who need to repeat configurations, or end users who need to keep records.

In an AS-i network, the AC041S AS-i safety monitor checks code sequences that are exchanged on the system. If these are incorrect, or not received in time, it ensures the safe state of the system. The unit has two safe semiconductor outputs. It is possible to trigger up to six further safe outputs independently in the field. The AS-i safety monitor can be integrated into the AS-I system at any position. Several AS-i safety monitors can be operated via one AS-i master, so grouping is possible to evaluate the safe AS-i slaves.

Retrofitting to existing installations

Various standard safety relay functions can be implemented via the software, including: emergency stop, stop categories 0 or 1, two-hand operation, or enable switch. One AS-i safety monitor therefore replaces many traditional safety relays. As an extension of Safety at Work, safe and non-safe I/O signals can be transmitted via the same AS-I bus. The safety-related extension is fully downward-compatible and can be retrofitted on existing installations. All masters, power supplies and bus components can still be used.

There is a wide range of applications for the AC041S new generation of the AS-i Safety at Work safety monitors, or as standalone relays. Wherever a decentralised safety technology is important, AS-i safety monitors can be used; for example, in conveying, special machines, handling and the food industry.

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