Eco-mode control system ensures energy efficient climate control

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Eco-mode control system ensures energy efficient climate controlRittal is improving the energy efficiency of enclosure climate control systems by incorporating innovative technologies into their cooling products. The Eco-mode control system from Rittal employs an intelligent strategy to effectively target the use of energy by disabling the internal fan when the temperature inside the enclosure falls to 10degK below the setpoint temperature. The fan is then enabled for a period of 30s every 10min to ensure the accuracy of the sensed temperature. When the temperature rises above 10degK below the setpoint, the fan is permanently enabled.

The TopTherm air/water heat exchangers are equipped with the Eco-mode control system in order to minimise their energy consumption. TopTherm Generation ‘Blue e’ cooling units also benefit from the Eco-mode control system, which together with the use of energy efficient EC fan technology, provides energy savings up to 45 per cent, reduced costs and helps to conserve the environment.

TopTherm fan-and-filter units make use of diagonal fan technology to provide improved performance against increased static pressure difference, which in turn, offers greater energy efficiency and a more constant air throughput, effectively minimising the occurrence of hot spots.

Rittal claims that by using their climate control products, not only is the service life and reliability of electrical components increased, the impact on the environment is also reduced. For more information about Rittal cooling products and the Eco-mode control system, visit the website at

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