New modem helps minimise downtime of hard-to-access machinery

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New modem helps minimise downtime of hard-to-access machineryParker Hannifin is introducing the IQAN-G2 machine modem for global remote real-time monitoring, diagnostics and adjustment of parameters via the internet and a GPRS network. The IQAN-G2 overcomes the need for engineers and technicians to travel in order to carry out maintenance, and helps minimise expensive machinery downtime. The new modem is suitable for use on mobile machine equipment used in remote, hazardous or difficult-to-access locations. Typical applications include forestry machinery, materials handling, refuse, construction, mining and agriculture equipment.

The IQAN-G2 modem is designed to operate within Parker Hannifin's proprietary IQAN hardware/software diagnostic system environment that facilitates easy set-up and running. IQANrun and IQANdesign software provide a fast and simple-to-use customer interface and enable a standard PC to communicate with the IQAN-G2 modem over the internet via a cloud server. The software allows users to remotely optimise machine performance and includes a range of features to graphically display collected machine measurements and statistics.

Secure encryption of communicated data at GPRS speed ensures true real-time operation and protection of customer assets. IQAN master modules installed on the remotely located machinery are connected to the IQAN-G2 modem via a reliable CAN-bus to enable monitoring, control and diagnosis of various aspects of the equipment's operation.

Suitability for use with a standard, customer-selected SIM card further eases the implementation of remote monitoring via Parker Hannifin's IQAN protocol environment and avoids the problem of expensive roaming costs being incurred. The flexible IQAN-G2 features quad-band (850/900/1800/1900MHz) operation. The IP65 aluminium enclosure has been designed for durability and easy mounting to the equipment being monitored. It incorporates weather-proof connectors for the CAN/power system interface and GSM antenna. A series of LEDs provides a clear indication of modem, CAN, and GSM network status.

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