New range of commercial vehicle accessories from EMKA

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EMKA (UK) Ltd is announcing a new range of commercial vehicle accessories focusing on items such as emergency hammers, door handles, luggage compartment handles, locks, latches, storage nets, cupholders, air vents, strikes, toggles and similar items. The range builds on the company's programme of moulded sealing profiles and custom-formed gasket rings and frames with vulcanised corners, which have met a significant need within the commercial vehicle industry.

Applications include buses, coaches, earth-moving equipment, military vehicles, transfer vehicles, trains, light rail, generators, trailers, trucks, glazing panels, recreational vehicles, cabins, caravans, ships and boats, special vehicles, cabinets, enclosures and general industrial situations, as well as off-road vehicles, subways, trams, railway carriages, mobile homes, municipal vehicles, horse boxes and emergency service vehicles.

EMKA's traditional product areas also meet the needs of the commercial vehicle sector, including standard and custom hinges, as well as the sealing profiles for which EMKA is already well known. These are suitable for gasketing, edge protection or decorative purposes, and are available in rubber, plastic and metal-spined types. For example, there are one-part sealing sections and two-part (ie sealing or wiping) sections bonded onto a spring clip carrier for edge fitting.

Further information on EMKA's commercial vehicle accessories may be found at or a brochure downloaded at (2.3MB PDF).

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