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New entry-level thermal imaging camera from FLIRWith each new generation of its thermal imaging cameras FLIR Systems introduces more standard features without price penalty. The new entry level FLIR E-Series camera, the FLIR E30, is no exception to this rule.

This camera now has an integrated 2 megapixels visual camera and works across an extended temperature range. It also comes complete with FLIR’s latest generation analysis and reporting software, FLIR Tools, considered to be the best entry-level package the company has ever produced.

The ability of the FLIR E30 to measure temperatures between -20degC and +350degC extends this model’s scope of application, and at the single touch of a button the FLIR E30 stores the thermal and visual image simultaneously. Thermal images are 160×120 pixels in size, enabling temperature differences as small as 0.1degC to be seen.

New rubber side slides enhance this model’s durability in harsh industrial environments. It is IP54 rated and features a new 3.5inch LCD touch screen, designed to minimise reflection and provide greater image clarity. A choice of six colour palettes is standard.

In addition to an LED lamp for imaging in dark environments, the FLIR E30 is equipped with a laser pointer to help the user associate the hot spot on the thermal image with the physical target.

All FLIR E-Series models, including the FLIR E30, are bundled with the new FLIR Tools 2.0 software. This product allows images to be exported to a PC, analysed and formulated into a basic report with the addition of headers, footers and logos. It also enables filters to be applied when searching for images.

For more advanced reporting functions, the FLIR E-Series can be upgraded to include FLIR Reporter software. Both camera and software technology from FLIR is now highly affordable, a factor that is highlighted by this new premium software product being available from £134 +VAT.

The FLIR E30 introduces the user to a camera range for low-end troubleshooting. Models in the range successively introduce more advanced features, so that camera capability can increase with the growing experience of the user.

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