Timing Belt Rings are a simple way to implement rotary motion

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Timing Belt Rings are a simple way to implement rotary motionHepcoMotion is launching PRT2 Timing Belt Rings that are similar to the existing gear-driven rings but feature a timing belt profile on the outer diameter to enable the ring to be driven by a belt and pulley. The belt has a T-profile that means it is self-guiding thanks to a corresponding V-groove machined in the driven ring.

PRT2 Timing Belt Rings are available in six sizes complete with pulleys and toothed timing belts as a clean and integrated system for driven rotary motion, either continuous or reciprocating.

High driving forces and speeds can be achieved – up to 5m/s at the periphery – with accuracy and low backlash. Requiring no lubrication or re-tensioning, these low-maintenance systems also run very quietly.

HepcoMotion Timing Belt Ring Slides are manufactured from high-quality steel, zone hardened on the V edge and precision ground on all faces except the teeth. A datum register face is provided internally for ease of location and customers may also specify the tapped holes option that enables the ring slide to be bolted from below. Note that the hole patterns are the same as for the gear-driven rings, so the new products can often be used as direct replacements.

Stainless steel

In common with all products in the HepcoMotion product range, the PRT2 Timing Belt Ring Slides are also available in stainless steel as a standard choice. Rings are available with diameters ranging from 190 to 826mm; larger sizes may be supplied to special order.

Corresponding timing pulleys are offered in three sizes to provide a whole-number ratio for most ring and pulley combinations. They are made from stainless steel as standard, with a precision bore and keyway.

The polyurethane timing belts are reinforced with high-tensile steel tension cords and are supplied to the length required by the application. Jointless belts, which take higher loads, are available to special order.

In addition to the standard duty PRT2 Timing Belt Rings, HepcoMotion can also offer, on request, HDRT Heavy Duty Rings with a similarly modified profile for arduous and demanding applications requiring larger and stronger components.

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