RapiLok connector reduces frame build time by 4 hours

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RapiLok connector reduces frame build time by 4 hoursHepcoMotion's new RapiLok connector for its MCS aluminium frame and machine construction system eliminates the need for cross-drilling aluminium profiles and, according to the company (which is using the new fastener extensively in-house), saves up to four hours when constructing a typical frame, thereby saving costs while enhancing the versatility of this comprehensive machine framework system.

RapiLok is designed to secure two profile sections at right angles. The previous fixing method required cross-drilling of these profiles but RapiLok eliminates the need for this machining operation. Furthermore, only one profile needs to be tapped, and there are no other components involved. The result is a joint that is neater, visually more appealing but, nonetheless, rigid and reliable.

Once the central bore in one profile has been tapped, all that is needed is a single hexagon allen key to install RapiLok. The process is accomplished in seconds. RapiLok is located so that it will not rotate, so it can be used on frames where twisting loads may be experienced. Serrated faces on the underside of the nut provide a positive grip on the smooth faces on the MCS profiles.

This low-cost profile connector is easily adjustable so that profiles can be levelled during assembly. It can also be used in multiple orientations and leaves profile T-slots freely available to accommodate other system components such as panels. If required, frames can also be adjusted - for example, a cross-brace can be moved up or down between a pair of frame legs with the aid of nothing more than an allen key.

Follow the link to see a RapiLok product demonstration video and further information.

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