High-performance servos deliver savings for machine builders

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High-performance servos deliver savings for machine buildersLenze is launching new i700 servo inverters that are claimed to reduce purchasing costs and engineering costs as a result of easier handling. These drives also deliver highly dynamic performance for multi-axis applications in a power range from 0.75 to 15kW. They are designed for machines with centralised control such as palletisers, wrapping machines, robots and assembly machinery. One notable feature is the option of a double drive that gives the control of two servo axes from a single module. This reduces purchase costs and gives further savings in terms of panel space and installation time.

A typical i700 servo installation consists of a power supply module bookshelf-mounted with a number of single- or double-axis drives. Installation and handling is made particularly easy with keyhole mounting and fully pluggable connections. Connection between the modules is via a DC bus and hinged linking arms are easily set without the need for cables. Sharing the supply through the DC bus can lead to energy savings up to 40 per cent by reusing the energy from axes on which loads are being braked.

The standard specification of the i700 servo inverters is high to enable excellent usability. Real-time EtherCAT high-speed bus communications are fitted. Also integrated is RFI filtering, a brake chopper and control of a 24V electromagnetic motor brake. With a supply voltage range of 180-528V and capacity for TN, TT and IT networks, the drives are ready for use worldwide. They can be connected to synchronous servo motors and also standard asynchronous motors, which allows for reduced costs where the highest levels of performance are not needed. Feedback can be by resolver, incremental encoder or absolute encoder.

Performance of the i700 drives is said to be exceptionally high. They have 32-bit resolution on all set-points and actual values. Cycle times for speed control are 125us. It is easily possible to combine the high performance with a simple control system using the Lenze 3200C controller for PLC, motion and visualisation, together with the System 1000 high-speed I/O. On the output side a full range of servo and standard asynchronous motors plus gearboxes are available.

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