Precision Ring and Track system now with unlimited radius

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Precision Ring and Track system now with unlimited radiusHepcoMotion has further developed its PRT2 Precision Ring and Track system and can now supply curved segments with no limit on the radius or, for circular tracks, the diameter. The tracks are CNC-machined in segments that are then butt-jointed using screws, dowels and substantial backplate segments to give rigid joints with smooth transitions. Running surfaces are hardened using a proprietary technique and there are numerous options that make the large-diameter PRT2 system extremely versatile.

Customers can specify Single Edge Vee (internal or external) or Double Edge Vee configurations, and a geartooth form can be machined for driving the ring or carriage(s). As with virtually all HepcoMotion products, the large-diameter PRT2 can be specified in stainless steel; in this case a different method is used to harden the running surfaces.

Single-piece rings up to 1.8m diameter can be machined from plate, but the ability to create smooth joints between discrete segments enables rings or tracks to be produced with no limit on the radius. HepcoMotion believes this ability to produce rings of unlimited diameter is unique.

As with other PRT2 products, the new larger version benefits from excellent rigidity and load-bearing capacity, and applications are likely to be very diverse. Already HepcoMotion has delivered products for projects in theatres - for moving backdrops and scenery - and has been in discussions with a Scandinavian designer regarding a large-diameter ring that would enable a summer house to be rotated to keep it facing into the sun. In one case a 4m diameter heavy-duty track system has been supplied to a customer in the optics industry. Other suitable markets will include the offshore, renewable energy and nuclear industries.

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