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Henkel is launching a completely new generation of Multan bactericide-free cutting fluids that is claimed to eliminate the drawback of emulsions splitting in use and the related bad odour nuisance, thereby providing an answer to a significant problem associated with water-miscible metalworking fluids. The new emulsions of the Multan brand have already proved themselves in industrial practice.

Coolants are essential for today's high-speed machining operations, and users are increasingly demanding new products to enhance productivity. Bacterial contamination, with its well-known, unpleasant side-effects leading to emulsion splitting, is one factor that has been singled out repeatedly as a major cost driver.

Even in advanced technology machining centres a strong build-up of odour may be experienced when the machines have been idle for a long time. The reason for these unpleasant odours can be bacterial contamination of the metal cutting emulsion. This is a natural biological process. However, once the bacteria have multiplied to a certain level, the emulsion can split and become unusable. There have been two ways of avoiding such problems in the past. The first option is to use conventional, bactericide-free metalworking fluids where bacterial growth is initially tolerated up to a certain concentration, then combated by adding bactericides. The disadvantage here is that the dead microorganisms act as excellent nutrients for the next generation of bacteria, so the process has to be repeated at ever-shorter intervals. The second option is to use fluids that contain bactericides, which permanently suppress bacterial growth.

Safety, health and the environment

In both cases, the use of bactericides has to be viewed critically. Exposure to bacteria or bactericides represents a potential health hazard for employees, who may develop skin irritations or increased sensitisation after contact with them. Frequent changing of emulsions that have split is not only very costly but also puts an additional burden on the environment.

Henkel offers a sustainable solution to this cutting fluid problem with the patented emulsifier technology of its Multan 71-2 products. After intensive development work, a microbiologically robust cutting fluid was formulated that not only contains no bactericides (such as formaldehyde splitters), but does not need any later addition of bactericides to keep it stable either. The new product is suitable for many different kinds of machining, from roughing to grinding.

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