Plug-in probe turns iPhone into digital thermometer and logger

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Plug-in probe turns iPhone into digital thermometer and loggerPVL is introducing the iCelsius Pro, a low-cost temperature probe that plugs into an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to create a fully functioning digital thermometer and data logger. Compared with dedicated digital thermometers with a similar accuracy and temperature range, the iCelsius Pro is said to be very attractively priced (£36 + VAT). The corresponding software is available free of charge from the Apple App Store.

As well as displaying temperature, an iCelsius-equipped mobile device can create graphs, store data, email it and export it to Excel. Alerts are simple to create and can be used to notify the user if a preset temperature is reached. Users can choose whether temperatures are displayed in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit.

The first time the iCelsius is plugged into an iPhone (or other device) the user is prompted to download the app. On subsequent uses, the app is launched as soon as the probe is plugged in.

PVL says the iCelsius has an accuracy of 0.2degC at 25degC and a temperature range of -30 to +150degC. It can be used in relative humidities of 5 to 95 per cent (non-condensing). A high-temperature version of the device is also available, with a measurement range that extends up to 250degC. There is also a choice of probe lengths and the devices are certified to RoHS, CE and MFI (Made for iPod) standards.

David Almond, PVL's head of sales and marketing, comments: "Apple is doing an incredible job of redefining the mobile market. For a long time I have been conscious that engineers are carrying a brilliant data processing instrument around in their pockets and often overlooking its value as a work-related tool. I think the iCelsius Pro proves that mobile devices can be integrated into our working lives as much more than just a way of reading e-mails."

The iCelsius Pro is manufactured in the USA by Aginova, and the company plans to launch more iPhone-compatible products in the future. These will be for applications in food inspection and oil measurement. Follow the link for more information about the iCelsius Pro.

15 May 2012

PVL (Pressure Vacuum Level Ltd)visit website
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