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Comprehensive hinge range and white paper from ElesaElesa is increasing its range of plastic, metal and stainless steel hinges with many standard variants, including specialist types such as the CF series. In addition, a white paper Guidelines for the Application of Plastic Hinges (390kB PDF) is now available.

The CF itself offers tamper-proof and double-pivot hinges, as well as the CFH type in common sizes, and the half-size CFG. Opening angles of 0–90 degrees, 0–270 degrees and 0–335 degrees are provided in a piano hinge style but in larger sizes, which gives an interlaced appearance. The CFA/F offers blind fixing with a 90-degree stop to prevent over-opening of adjacent doors. Coupled with this, Elesa now offer the CFM surface-mount hinge in reinforced polyamide-based technopolymer and a companion version in die-cast zinc alloy. CFM hinges offer a variety of fixing methods and a full 270-degree opening for situations where it is useful to fold a door or access hatch fully out of the way.

Elesa now has a patent pending on the CFP hinge, which has three pre-determined settings to allow fixed but temporary positioning of guards, doors, flaps or panels at 80, 120 or 170 degrees. Each position is held by a simple click spring mechanism, ensuring that one-handed operation is easily achieved, thereby keeping the panel in position for ease of access during installation or maintenance.

According to Elesa, a significant step toward equipment safety and integration is demonstrated by the CFS hinge for hazardous areas, which has a built-in security switch to suit Category 1 areas and works so as to switch off equipment when a door or panel is opened. This is useful in industrial environments where it helps to ensure operator safety. Alternatively, the CFS may be used to remotely indicate status - such as for monitoring when a panel is area is being accessed. Designed as an integral glass-reinforced technopolymer unit, the hinge switch ensures a tamper-proof installation and easy assembly.

Similarly, hinges with adjustable friction are a simple option that enables users to set the opening force of the door so that it stays partially open, or dampens the action of the wind in outdoor situations.

Strength and rigidity

The Elesa 237 die-cast hinge is suited to applications where strength and rigidity are required for doors on cabinets, panels or access hatches in the machine tool, electrical, or heating and ventilating industries. The range offers hinge sizes in 40mm, 50mm or 60mm formats and features a matt black epoxy coating with stainless steel hinge pins. Operation is to a maximum of 270 degrees, which ensures full access by virtue of a wide angular opening, and installation is easily achieved by use of 5mm, 6mm or 8mm countersunk bolts.

CMM hinges are in a matt black finish with either studs or countersunk fittings and in sizes 40mm, 50mm and 60mm – their lay-on flap style design permits full 180-degree opening. The sister variant CMZ has the unusual feature of slotted hole fixings for cylindrical-head screws, which provides for significant adjustment up, down or in rotation. The CMM-SST range of lay-on stainless steel hinges is designed for use on doors, panels and cases in the food and pharmaceutical industries, where their corrosion-resistance and easy-clean electro-polished finish will be much appreciated.

Of interest to designers and installers is likely to be the White Paper: Guidelines for the Application of Plastic Hinges (390kB PDF), which details the many parameters involved, together with guidance on their use. Further information regarding Elesa plastic, metal and stainless steel hinge products may be found at:

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