New additions to Han-Modular industrial connector system

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New additions to Han-Modular industrial connector systemNew modules have been added to the Harting Han-Modular industrial connector family, a flexible system which allows users to create customised connectors to suit their applications. The latest additions are the Han-Eco plastic housing, the Han-Modular docking frames and several new modules including an Ethernet module for high data transmission rates of up to 10 Gbit/s and the Han-E module suitable for on-site assembly with Han-Quick Lock termination technology.

The Han-Modular docking frame enables automatic insertion for plug-in systems of the type found in low-voltage switchgear, motor control centres, battery systems and test equipment. These plastic frames, which are mechanically highly stable, are now available for two, four and six modules and have high tolerance compensation of +/-2mm thanks to a floating mount.

The Han-Quick Lock modules enable time-saving and simple assembly without the need for special tools, making them suited to on-site assembly. The reliable and vibration-resistant connection ensures safety, particularly in challenging applications in industry and transport. In terms of electrical specifications, the modules have the same characteristics as the proven modules with crimp termination and are 100 per cent plug-in compatible.

The Harting Han-Modular system incorporates many options, allowing the assembly of connectors which would otherwise require expensive, specially developed connectors. Currents from a few milliamperes to 200A, voltages from 50–5000V, pneumatic hosing, data lines, shielded bus signals and optical cables made of POF or fibre glass can be accommodated with plug-in designs.

In combination with environment-specific housing – made of plastic or metal for internal or external application – this allows the construction of tailored connectors that can be created to meet any application requirements.

For more information about the Han-Modular industrial connector family, follow the link to view the datasheet (10.7MB PDF).

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