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More bonding developments from Henkel with LoctiteAn adhesive product that was initially developed for a German automotive manufacturer is now available to industry at large. Loctite 3038 was formulated in Henkel’s laboratories in Dublin in response to the manufacturer’s need for an adhesive that would bond polypropylene mouldings to painted steel without pre-treatment.

Loctite 3038 took 18 months to develop, but the result is an easy-to-use, two-part acrylic that offers the same high performance whether substrates are treated or not. For those needing very good adhesion of polyolefin (PP and PE) and other e-coated materials to metal, this means the elimination of thermal pre-treatment processes or priming that add cost and increase assembly time.

Although initially conceived for automotive applications, this product is an important development for a broad variety of bonded assemblies in marine engineering, filter manufacture and construction of point of sale displays. In addition to simplifying the process, it also brings other important benefits.

Bonding with Loctite 3038 provides a more uniform stress distribution over the entire bond face by comparison with conventional joining methods. It saves weight, provides an effective seal, acts as a thermal and electrical insulator and reduces the risk of corrosion.

This low-odour, solvent-free product is thixotropic and can therefore be applied to vertical surfaces, if required. It can fill gaps up to 2mm and as well as being a valuable addition for OEM use, Loctite 3038 is also suitable for applications in maintenance and repair.

Fast curing and transparent

Another new product recently added to Henkel’s Loctite 360 Solutions range is Loctite V5004. This is a high-strength structural adhesive that can bond a wide range of substrates, an unusual ability in its own right. Characterised by its fast curing, this product has already proved to be popular with companies requiring an adhesive that provides a totally clear bond line. So it is well suited to cosmetic display units and signage, for example.

Another early customer for the product is the rail industry. The appeal of Loctite V5004 in this sector is its shock and vibration resistance making it suitable for applications such as securing lighting fixtures in trains. From acrylics to aluminium, Loctite V5004 ensures transparent, high-strength bonding.

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