EtherNet/IP communications provides more effective logic control

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Invensys Operations Management is introducing EtherNet/IP communications to its Eurotherm Mini8 multi-loop PID Controller. The Mini8 controller can partner a PLC in multi-loop PID applications such as plastics extrusion and multi-zone furnaces. Leveraging the Mini8 controller’s built-in loop control, the PLC can concentrate on providing faster, more effective logic control without the burden of running complex control algorithms.

Part of the company’s open-communication InFusion Enterprise Control System, the Mini8 controller supports serial, fieldbus and Ethernet protocols, including EtherNET/IP, making it easy to interface to intelligent masters such as programmable logic controllers. A cost-effective alternative to designing and implementing accurate control loops in a PLC, the Mini8 controller provides better performance and easy configuration, offers the same deterministic response and auto-tune feature as other Eurotherm panel-mount controllers from Invensys, and can be easily integrated into the wider plant network, including other third-party systems.

Product features include:

L{Easy integration through use of EtherNet/IP, a widely used standard communication link between PLCs and other products from a variety of vendors,Reduction of engineering costs through using a dedicated PID device that enables quick and easy set-up of multi-loop and complex control strategies using pre-defined function blocks,Improvement of control performance by removing the burden of running complex control algorithms within a PLC,Input accuracy is +/-0.1 per cent or better; this is significantly better than analogue control in small or medium PLCs,Suitable for use in regulated industry applications, including aerospace metal heat treatment; calibrates through pre-defined routines,Impressive minimal drift characteristics aid in the ease of use of the device in operation.

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18 July 2012

Invensys Process Systems (IPS)visit website
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