New rod end variants join a highly successful range

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Huco Dynatork is launching new sizes and types of Unibal rod ends, whose popularity grows year on year. The new additions include both male and female threaded types and they can be supplied in a variety of materials including stainless and high-strength steels, with a chromed ball, and now also in a choice of other variants.

These include standard metric coarse thread types and those with an alternative metric thread pitch. Also new are high-strength Unibal rod ends with a tight bearing fit and standard metric coarse threads. The new high-performance types are available in standard and fine pitches, or with small bores. These may be specified with Uniflon liners between the ball and race, which eliminates the need for lubrication.

The ongoing success of the Unibal range from Huco Dynatork is largely due to the high quality standards the manufacturer maintains in relation to design, material and production methods. This has enabled them to outperform competitive products in many demanding applications. Unibal is commonly specified for applications in automotive, aerospace, marine engineering and machine building sectors.

For applications that require the bearing to be protected against the ingress of dirt or dust, neoprene rubber seals can be provided. These afford protection against oil, grease, chemical agents, sea water and temperature extremes.

Complementing the Unibal range is the Huco Dynatork Tescubal low-cost and self-lubricating rod ends. Unlike many competitor products, the bearing surface of these products is not PTFE but steel on bronze, allowing for maintenance-free operation.

Visit the Huco Dynatork website for more information about Unibal and Tescubal rod ends.

25 July 2012

Huco (Altra Industrial Motion)visit website
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