Cost-effective plain bearing achieves fire-resistance standards

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Cost-effective plain bearing achieves fire-resistance standardsigus UK is introducing a new cost-effective plain bearing that is fire retardant and classified according to stringent UL94 with V0 fire regulations. As a result, OEMs can now benefit from an affordable and reliable bearing that operates safely over a long service life. iglidur GV0 offers similar all-round properties as the proven plain bearing material iglidur G from igus, such as a very high load capacity at low to medium sliding velocities and excellent wear resistance on most different shaft materials.

Thanks to the V0 classification, the material is suitable for use in areas with stringent fire protection regulations. This chiefly includes aircraft, automobile and rail vehicle interiors, as well as building technology with elevators, escalators and similar applications.

iglidur GV0 has been developed with exceptional physical and thermal properties. It has an upper long-term application temperature of 130degC and an upper short-term application temperature of 210degC. It has a density of 1.53g/cm3 and is lightweight, with high abrasion resistance to provide a reliable, long service life.

Matthew Aldridge, director at igus UK, says: “UL94 is the recognised standard for safety of flammability of plastic materials for parts in devices and appliances testing and we are delighted that our iglidur GV0 material meets the regulations. The new material represents a significant breakthrough in both flammability performance and affordability.”

As with all igus plain bearings, GV0 bearings are lubricant- and maintenance-free, making them an excellent ‘fit and forget’ option. For more information on igus’ range of bearings visit the website at

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