Secure cabling based on Harting’s Ha-VIS preLink technology

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Secure cabling based on Harting’s Ha-VIS preLink technologyHarting is promoting its Ha-VIS preLink interconnects, which can form the heart of a secure cabling system that can be deployed in IT centres as well as industrial machinery and plant automation systems.

The key to the integrity and versatility of the Ha-VIS preLink system is the fact that cabling components are always assembled according to the same principle, with the terminal block crimped onto the data cable and a choice of mating faces available for snap-in assembly.

Several mating face variants are available, including RJ45, M12 D-coded and M12 X-coded versions. The Harting preLink cabling system ensures very fast and completely safe installation of the cabling to achieve an operationally dependable and high-performance network infrastructure. The design is inherently future-proof for compatibility with Cat.6A/transmission class EA for 10 Gigabit Ethernet.

Harting’s Ha-VIS preLink product range is undergoing constant development and extension, and forthcoming developments include terminal boxes for industrial and outdoor use, a Ha-VIS preLink industrial outlet, and new intelligent patch-panel connectivity products. To find out more, go to

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