Screw jacks for food, pharmaceutical and clean room applications

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Screw jacks for food, pharmaceutical and clean room applicationsThe new ZIMM GSZ screw jack from HepcoMotion combines proven and new features to give designers a reliable prime mover for hygiene-conscious and clean room environments. It packs many features into the cubic format originated by ZIMM, but the most noticeable difference between this new range and its predecessor is its smooth, easy-to-clean gearbox surface.

Corrosion resistant as standard, the ZIMM GSZ is suitable for loads from 2.5–100kN and available in rigid or rotating versions. Higher load capacities are currently provided by the ZIMM Z-Series.

Another important feature of the ZIMM GSZ is direct lubrication of the screw, a function that can be performed whilst the unit is in operation. This is particularly important for short stroke applications when the screw does not travel far enough to take advantage of conventional greasing methods.

HepcoMotion supplies the screw ungreased but with the choice of lubricant for customer application. Standard, high-performance, high-temperature, low-temperature and food grade are available; special greases may also be specified. The gearbox itself is sealed and has life-time lubrication in normal operation.

The reliable operation of all ZIMM products is largely thanks to the quality of the worm and wheel drive. For example, the worm shaft is hardened and ground to provide high precision in the presence of high forces and loads. The GSZ also introduces higher-specification IP67 mechanical limit switches to complement this performance.

By optimising its manufacturing processes ZIMM is able to offer the performance advantages of the GSZ without any cost increase. This new range is similarly priced to its forerunners. HepcoMotion assures a high level of stocking on the most popular sizes, and is able to supply the GSZ screw jack as a fully integrated assembly with connecting shafts, motor and guidance system.

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