Retracted rest spring plungers offer safety and security in one

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Retracted rest spring plungers offer safety and security in oneFurther adding to the functionality of their GN816 indexing plungers (with protruding rest position), Elesa has extended the range with a compatible GN816.1 variant offering a retracted rest position.

The GN816.1 maintains the safety rest feature complete with security key option. This ensures that the plunger cannot be inadvertently released when set to the rest position – so protecting the integrity of associated machinery. In addition, the GN816.1 B series provides the further security of a separate key needed to extend or release the plunger so that only approved operators may re-set the index.

Typical applications are expected to include: location of machinery equipment in manufacturing, security locking in furniture and component positioning of in-service equipment such as custom disability aids. Further information regarding the GN816 indexing plungers and other Elesa products may be found at; also see

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