Circuit board adaptor for creation of multi-pin connector on PCB

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Circuit board adaptor for creation of multi-pin connector on PCBHarting is introducing a new 5-pin circuit board adaptor which, when combined with a Han DDD module from the company’s Han-Modular series, makes it possible to create a multi-pin connector on a printed circuit board.

The circuit board adapter can be pre-assembled on the PCB by following the hole pattern. A 17-pin circuit board connection is then created for the Han DDD module through the connection of two 6-pin adaptors and the new 5-pin circuit board adaptor. The adaptor can be assembled onto the PCB independently of the connector. After assembly of the PCB, the male or female contact of the Han DDD module is installed in the housing and attached on the pre-assembled PCB. Simple assembly is not the only advantage: the labour involved in wiring is also kept to a minimum.

For connection to the circuit board, 17 contacts are available, with the rated values (as per the DIN EN 61984 standard) of 7.5A for current, 160V for voltage, and 2.5kV rated surge voltage at pollution grade 3.

With this new development, Harting’s Han-Modular series is expanded with a new variety of PCB adapter in addition to the existing Han DD products and the Han 40A module.

With the open Han-Modular connector system, users can assemble customised connectors to their own individual requirements. Over 40 different modules are available for electrical, optical and pneumatic transmission.

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