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Non-hazardous engineering adhesives: no price premiumProtecting both workforce and environment through health and safety rules has a double edge; tougher legislation means a lot more work for those who evaluate the suitability of hazard-labelled products against process needs and company policy. Henkel’s Loctite Health and Safety range of hazard-label-free engineering adhesives could prove to be a useful option. But in reality, are they as effective as their counterparts whose constituents require them to display health and safety symbols?

In the case of the Health and Safety range from Henkel, the company's answer is a resounding ‘yes’. The company first introduced its Loctite 2400 and 2700 threadlocking products but now these formulations have been joined by others with similar credentials. As a result, Henkel claims to be unique in its ability to offer a comprehensive range of hazard-label-free engineering adhesives that cover many applications.

This range has now become the Loctite front-line offering, with products carrying health and safety symbols only being called in where a specific performance characteristic is required. And crucially this hazard-free, high performance is available at no additional cost to the end user.

The latest additions to this range are three cyanoacrylates, more commonly known as instant adhesives or superglues. They are colourless with a low bloom and low odour and have a typical fixture time of 5–20s dependent on the substrates. The most viscous of the three is Loctite 403. Loctite 408 is a liquid and suitable for use where capillary action is required. Loctite 460 has a marginally higher viscosity.

In common with all products in the Loctite Health and Safety range, these new adhesives can be integrated into semi- or fully automated production processes for which Henkel also markets a comprehensive range of dispensing equipment.

These cyanoacrylates join the Health and Safety range that already comprises Loctite 2400 and 2700, respectively for medium and high-strength threadlocking, and Loctite 5400 thread sealant to prevent leakage of gasses or liquids.

Loctite 5800 is the established Health and Safety product for gasketing. It provides a perfect seal between components with maximum face-to-face contact, eliminating flange face corrosion that can lead to minor leakages. Loctite 6300 is the retaining compound within this range, designed to secure bearings, bushes and other cylindrical parts onto shafts.

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