Expandable motion control system for extreme conditions

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A complete, expandable two-axis motion control system built into a military specification casing is now available from Inmoco of Daventry. Called the Puma, the system is built by Elmo Motion Control and consists of their military multi-axis network controller, the Gold Lion, and two powerful Gold Hornet military servo drives of up to 20A/100V.

The Puma controls these internal servo drives and can also control up to 98 further additional servo drives via an EtherCAT or CANopen field bus.

As part of Elmo’s ExtrIQ range for applications operating in extreme environmental conditions, the PUMA is precise, durable, reliable, and highly ruggedised. It has also been designed, qualified, verified, manufactured and tested to meet the most stringent military standards of several countries.

It is ready to use in military applications such as firing control devices, rotational tables with angular motion, antennas, radar, cameras, pedestals, turrets, airborne systems, and winglets control. Inmoco will also be offering it for non-military uses, such as CCTV, film camera control, discrete parts manufacture, traffic monitoring, robotics, UAVs and unmanned submersibles. Many applications are expected to be in extreme environments.

The Puma is designed with many features, including Ethernet, RS-422, and Modbus and a host of other communication protocols, easy set up and axis tuning. It can be customised for different applications and is intended to be both function rich and user friendly.

Its military background means it is able to operate in extreme environments, including an ambient operating temperature of -40degC to +70degC; mechanical operating vibrations of 20–2000Hz, 14.6GRMS (X, Y, Z); altitude of -1000ft. to +510,000ft. and mechanical operating shock of +/-20G (X, Y, Z).

Elmo’s John McLaughlin says: “We have a long history of designing and building high-tech equipment for the military. We developed the Puma with a deep understanding of how important ‘ready-to-use’ solutions are for our customers, whether they are military or civilian. It extends Elmo’s offering to a full military solution that advances our proven precision, durability, field reliability, ruggedisation, and the compliance with stringent MIL standards.”

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