A dedicated range of solar tracking actuators

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A dedicated range of solar tracking actuatorsIn the development of its new ZSA range of electro-mechanical solar actuators, the innovative ZIMM GmbH of Austria has started from scratch. Its product is not an adaptation of established technology, it is one that has been purpose designed for its task. And the end result is now available in the UK from HepcoMotion.

The overwhelming requirement in the solar tracking industry is reliability, precision and durability to assure operational efficiency and minimal downtime. ZIMM has committed significant research and development resources to establish high credentials in this regard.

Simple design and the use of Lean manufacturing techniques, however, have enabled ZIMM to achieve an excellent price-to-performance ratio for these products, which are also very easy to install.

From a mechanical standpoint, its ZSA screw-driven actuators are robust and include high-quality components. They are sealed for life and designed to provide more than 20 years of reliable service with minimal or no maintenance. In common with the company’s popular Screw Jacks, ZSA actuators are assembled individually from stock, standard components, providing short delivery times.

What makes the ZSA total fit for purpose, however, is the dedicated electronics that are integrated into the body of the actuator and the complementary software that has been developed to control and network the system; it is suitable for both photovoltaics and solar mirror arrays.

The ZSA product programme comprises three sizes for fixed, single axis or two axis installation. In addition to their prime use in solar tracking, ZSA are eminently suitable for use on satellite systems, building facades, or for wind energy and door actuation.

For more information about the ZSA range of electro-mechanical solar actuators, go to the HepcoMotion website.

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