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The latest robot controller to be introduced by FANUC is packed with smart features to take control and productivity to the next level. Four key focus areas allow the new FANUC R-30iB robot controller to save up to 77 per cent floor area, programme faster and easier, save power and maximise productivity.

Overall volume of the compact new R-30iB design is reduced by 68 per cent, measuring just 500mm × 600mm × 470mm. The design provides further benefit in multi-robot systems where the controller is able to stack up; three stacked-up controllers reduces the floor space required by 77 per cent.

Using the same platform as the new FANUC 30i CNC controller, the completely revised robot controller packs the same power, and more, as its larger predecessor with more than 4096 I/O supported, 40 axes control capability and eight motion groups, up to four line-tracking encoders and support for most common industrial communication/bus systems.

Making programming and interaction easier is the new FANUC iPendant Touch, which comes with a 4D graphic function. The new pendant provides real-time visualisation of process on its touch-screen monitor, making programming and editing faster. Typically, using 3D graphic simulations, the programmer can save time by easily seeing all active safety zones both when programming and, importantly, when recovering.

Energy saving is high on the feature list of the new R-30iB controller, with improved energy efficiencies helping to contribute towards all-important profit margins. Automatic motor braking, after exceeding a programmed idle period, allows motors to reduce power but still maintain arm position. Similarly cooling fans are stopped when not required and regeneration of power is enabled through an optional unit.

Improved software features on the new controller further provide opportunities for reducing cycle times and maximising productivity. Learning Vibration Control (LVC) increases robot speed and acceleration for a given path providing typical increases of 8–10 per cent cycle time improvement.

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