Compact Peltier-type thermoelectric cooling units from Rittal

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Rittal is promoting its range of Peltier-type thermoelectric cabinet coolers. Rittal’s thermoelectric cooler is a compact cooling system that utilises Peltier technology to transfer heat away from temperature-sensitive equipment.

With a width of 125mm, height of 400mm, depth of 155mm and a mass of only 3kg, it is suited to command panels, even those that are supported using arm systems. The unit can be mounted either externally or internally, the latter resulting in a depth of only 55mm outside the enclosure.

Peltier technology needs no refrigerant or chilled water to function; an electrical power supply is all that is required to provide a nominal cooling output of 100W. With models that accept either an AC or a 24V DC supply, the former in a wide range between 100V and 230V, there is a Rittal thermoelectric product for most applications.

Another advantage of Rittal’s thermoelectric unit is its functionality extends beyond cooling. The units are capable of providing heating, should it be necessary, with a heat output of 100W. Multiple units may be connected together to provide nominally up to 500W of cooling and heating using a master/slave adaptor.

Rittal’s Peltier-type thermoelectric cooling unit is supplied complete with a USB cable and software so that the temperatures at which cooling and heating commence – and those at which alarms are raised – may be easily set. To find out more go to the Rittal website.

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