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Invensys Operations Management will soon be releasing Avantis Decision Support System (DSS) software Version 5.0. This leverages the company's easy-to-use Wonderware Intelligence software to provide manufacturing and executive decision makers with rich, role-based asset management analytics and reporting, thereby helping to drive asset excellence.

Avantis.DSS software is a sophisticated decision-support system that transforms transaction data into meaningful and actionable business analytics based on the individual's specific role within an organisation. The software is preconfigured to support a comprehensive set of key performance indicators based on best practices in asset management. Users can consolidate reporting across sites, create analytics, use drill-down and drill-through views, and access data from various source systems to provide greater context.

Kim Custeau, marketing manager for Invensys Operations Management's asset management product line, states: "Today's customers expect easy access to information about their assets, anytime, anywhere. They want the power to filter and manipulate the data and display personal- or role-based KPIs. The new Avantis.DSS software allows users to extract the right data at the right time, and easily visualises KPIs that measure their plant or facility's asset management operations.

"In addition, we have leveraged our broad software portfolio by integrating our Avantis.DSS software with our Wonderware Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence software to bring even greater value across our installed base and provide innovative solutions for new customers."

Avantis.DSS software has three primary components: data extraction/transform/load (ETL), aggregation and visualisation. The ETL component is built exclusively on Microsoft technology, leveraging a set of Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) for extracting source data from the Avantis.PRO software. The next step aggregates this information in to multi-dimensional data cubes for easier manipulation. The visualisation component then helps create role-specific dashboards and leverages the power of Wonderware Intelligence software.

Custeau adds: "Integrating our Avantis.DSS and Wonderware Intelligence software enables our customers to gather, store and report on both historical and real-time operational data, using a dashboard to present KPIs that are used to visualise, tune and maximise their operations in real time. It is the next step to achieving asset excellence."

The software is scheduled for release in November 2012. Follow the link for more information about Avantis.DSS 5.0.

11 October 2012

Invensys Operations Managementvisit website
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