Integrated motion system simplifies engineering and saves space

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Integrated motion system simplifies engineering and saves spaceRockwell Automation is introducing the Allen-Bradley Kinetix 5500 servo drive, VP-Series low-inertia servo motor and single-cable technology as an 'integrated motion solution on EtherNet/IP', describing it as more compact, easier to use and with simplified system wiring.

Mike Schweiner, product manager for the Kinetix 5500 at Rockwell Automation, comments: "Machine and equipment builders are challenged with making smaller, more complex equipment in a shorter design cycle and at a lower price point. Our new single-cable Kinetix motion system gives machine builders a proven solution for both servo and induction motor control on a single development platform that will result in less design time and cabinet space with improved power density and efficiency."

The Kinetix 5500 servo drive joins the Kinetix 350 and Kinetix 6500 drives to provide users with more options to match motion control needs. Integrated motion control on EtherNet/IP eliminates the need for a dedicated motion network, thereby reducing cabling by up to 60 per cent and removing the need to create gateways to get information to or from secluded networks. In addition, the VP-Series low-inertia motors' new winding technology and DSL encoder, connected with the smart-cable technology, enables power transmission and feedback communication to and from the drive to take place on a single cable, which further simplifies the design and reduces the number of potential points of failure for improved reliability and easier maintenance.

Suitable for packaging, material handling or converting systems with more than six axes, the Kinetix 5500 and VP-Series drive-motor system does not require a discrete power rail or additional accessories, so machines can be scaled up as needed. Optimally matched motor and drive ratings use half the energy of comparable products, while still providing 125us loop closure for high performance.

The Kinetix 5500 drive is the first Allen-Bradley Kinetix drive designed with an external common AC/DC bus connection system to reduce hardware requirements and allow for seamless scalability, using a single platform for either single-axis or multi-axis systems. The K5500 also has the ability to control both servo and induction motors, provide best-in-class power density that reduces the size of the drive and cabinet space required by up to 50 per cent, and simplify machine maintenance by minimising the need to fuse or use contactors. In addition, the system can be optimised to balance power use and reduce energy needs because of its ability to share power across multiple drives. The Kinetix VP-Series low-inertia servo motor uses the same proven magnetic core as the Allen-Bradley MP-Series servo motors.

Rockwell's Kinetix 5500 drive is supported by the recently released Studio 5000 integrated engineering environment and can be used with the Integrated Motion Encoder on EtherNet/IP to provide a feedback-only axis system for Allen-Bradley ControlLogix 5570 and Allen-Bradley CompactLogix 5370 programmable automation controllers. A feedback-only axis enables the motion application to be synchronised with other elements of a machine or line for more efficient production.

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