Rotary feed-through: long-lasting and with a compact performance

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Schunk’s DDF rotary feed-through from has proven itself for many years for controlling gripping modules, valves or sensors behind a 360 degree rotation axis process, reliably and without a mess of cables and hoses. The redesigned DDF-Plus series is setting new standards with its redesign that has been adapted to the high performance of modern robots.

A steel shaft, instead of an aluminium shaft, absorbs the dynamic forces and moments of the DDF-Plus. The new DDF incorporates smooth-running and long-lasting seals that were specifically developed for Schunk to ensure a low loosening torque. Smaller and more economic drives can be used, allowing particularly gentle rotary motions. The DDF-Plus is offered in three versions: for pneumatic feed-through, feed-through of electric signals and for the combined feed-through of pneumatics and electric.

The high number of electric and pneumatic transmissions is exceptional. Independent from the module size, the DDF-Plus comprises between two and four pneumatic feed-throughs, and four and 10 electric transmissions for signals up to 1A / 60V. Optionally, many more electric signals can be transferred. The standard module is equipped with an air purge and complies with protection class IP65. Due to the ISO bolt pattern, it can be directly connected with various robots. It is suitable for assembly applications such as polishing, grinding and screwing.

From the beginning in 2013, the DDF-Plus will be available in eight sizes: 031, 040, 050, 063, 080, 100, 125, and 160. Since they are fully compatible with the predecessor, they can be exchanged one for one. Via standard adapter plates, the DDF units can be combined with numerous other Schunk modules.

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