Battery-operated hydraulic crimping tool for HV contacts

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Battery-operated hydraulic crimping tool for HV contactsHarting is expanding its range of crimping tools for Han high-voltage contacts with the addition of a battery-driven hydraulic crimping tool which simplifies and accelerates the contact assembly process.

Using the new battery-driven hydraulic crimping tool, crimp contacts can be made with cable cross-sections of between 10mm2 and 240mm2. For cable cross-sections between 10mm2 and 150mm2, the existing pressure dies of the manual crimping tool are used and inserted into the appropriate die holder. For crimping cable cross-sections between 185mm2 and 240mm2, special crimping dies inclusive of the die holder are available.

Because of the construction of the die holder and pressure die, it is easy and quick to switch to a different cable cross-section. The crimping tool is supplied with a battery charger and a second battery, which is especially helpful for large-volume crimping operations.

The new tool can be used with Harting’s Han TC 70, TC 100, TC 200, TC 250, TC 350 and TC 650 contacts, and is designed for crimp geometry as specified by DIN 46 235, with a pressing force of 130 kN.

Follow the link to view the battery-driven hydraulic crimping tool datasheet (pdf 281KB).

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