Han HC Individual offers scalable high-voltage connector options

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Han HC Individual offers scalable high-voltage connector optionsHan HC Individual is the new Harting product family for universal contact arrangement options, allowing individually sealed 350A contacts (to protection class IP 66) to be arranged in configurations with up to 10 adjacent connections on one supporting rail.

This interface can be very easily separated thanks to a stainless steel lever system with integrated contact guide. Each individual connection can be assembled separately, and engaged and exchanged individually.

Depending on the application demands, the supporting rails can be stacked one above the other to create a high-voltage block with a variety of extension options in the vertical and horizontal planes. The current version is capable of supporting a cable range of between 25mm2 and 120mm2 with up to 350A rated current and 3600V rated voltage.

All components are subjected to the vibration and shock tests specified in railway standard IEC 61 373 and are in flammability class I2/F2 of the NFF 16-101/102 standard. These performance indicators in combination with the individual arrangement options qualify this product family for railway applications involving carriage connections, traction motors and converters.

Please follow the link to view the Han HC Individual data sheet.

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