Compact version of Han-Yellock connector now available

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Compact version of Han-Yellock connector now availableThe Han-Yellock 10 is a new, compact addition to Harting’s Han-Yellock family of modular industrial connectors. The availability of 25 different contact inserts means that the Han-Yellock 10 can be adapted to a wide range of applications from energy supply to data transmission. The universal modular design of the connector means that a single unit can reliably transmit power of up to 40A at 690V alongside sensitive data signals, as in Ethernet applications. This universality is extended by the availability of multipole varieties incorporating up to 21 contacts, including inserts for optical data transmission.

Key features of the Han-Yellock family – notably its ease of handling and operation – can be found in the Han-Yellock 10. The locking mechanism integrated in the housing locks both housing halves reliably during the connection process. Unlocking is a similarly intuitive process. A brief push on the activation button is all that is required. The robust stainless steel locking mechanism is then deactivated, allowing the connector halves to be separated from each other.

This new connector also helps to ensure reliable data transmission by offering a high degree of protection against electromagnetic interference. This is provided in the Han-Yellock family by the nesting of both housing halves and the direct electrical connection between the housing and the adjacent surface. Large-diameter sheathed cabling is also enabled via an M25 cable input.

Please follow the link to view the Han-Yellock 10 modular industrial connector.

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