AS-i and IO-Link combined in AC5225 AS-i IO-Link module

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AS-i and IO-Link combined in AC5225 AS-i IO-Link moduleIO-Link is the intelligent connection between the device (sensor or actuator) on one side and PLC or field module on the other side. The new AC5225 AS-i IO-Link module from ifm electronic combines the advantages of the AS-i wiring system with the standardised IO-Link communication. The simple AS-i system connects the data and power supply for IO-Link sensors and actuators.

AS-Interface has become a well-established means of simplifying and speeding up machine wiring, while adding diagnostics. IO-Link, as a supplementary system on the lowest field level, is rapidly increasing in the number of devices available on the market as this standard is now supported by so many major manufacturers. IO-Link not only simplifies the design and construction of machines by virtue of its standardisation, it also significantly extends the functionality of machines. Short set-up times, higher productivity, and new modern maintenance concepts send a clear message for IO-Link. To assure its international use, IO-Link has been incorporated into the globally recognised PLC standard IEC 61131. Mandatory test specifications, test tools for masters and devices, and the resulting manufacturer’s declaration ensure the interoperability and quality of IO-Link.

As defined by the IO-Link standard, the AC5225 can connect to binary or analogue sensors, standard devices or IO-Link-enabled. A feature of IO-Link is exact data transmission with IO-Link: IO-Link and AS-i transfer analogue values in a digitised manner, i.e. without conversion losses. Distorted signals by electromagnetic interference or contact resistances are excluded. Using an IO-Link sensor extends the powerful AS-i diagnostics to the sensor level.

A further characteristic feature of IO-Link is the elimination of manual parameter setting for sensors in the event of a damaged sensor replacement, since the parameter sets can be downloaded from the controller to the IO-Link sensors or actuators. In this case the sensor settings are saved in the AC5225 AS-i module and would automatically be transferred to a new sensor.

Standard cables are used at the IO-Link sensor/actuator level. This means that time-consuming cable assembly work for field devices is eliminated

The AC5225 IO-Link AS-i module is built with quick installation in mind, and with IP67-rated housing. A wide selection of IO-Link enabled sensors is available from ifm electronic, for variables such as pressure, temperature and flow, with more to be announced. For further information email , or visit the website at

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