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Flexible workbench and storage system designHepcoMotion is promoting its MCS aluminium framework system for the construction of customised workbenches and storage areas. The system allows a customised workbench and storage area to be made from standard elements, so the customer can achieve a bespoke product at an off-the-shelf price. The end result is lightweight, robust and can include a choice of accessories to make it 100% fit-for-purpose.

Specifying the workbench or storage system is simple. On the HepcoMotion website, click on the framework that best suits the need, choose a size and then select the accessories. The choice includes standard workbenches, standard trolleys, high back workbenches and shelving units.

Standard workbenches, trolleys and high back workbenches are available in three standard lengths, three widths and two heights. They are supplied with a 30mm-thick laminated worktop in black or grey with aluminium end caps. Optional accessories include drawers in three sizes, side panels and doors.

Trolleys are supplied with unbraked castors as standard, each of which has a load capacity of 90kg. The high-back workbench includes a powder-coated steel pegboard panel that allows easy mounting of components to the bench. If required, powder coated louvre panels can also be specified.

Shelving units are also available in three standard lengths, two widths and two heights equating to a three or four-shelf unit. Shelves are made from melamine-coated fibreboard each with a capacity of 125kg; the three-shelf unit therefore has an overall capacity of 375kg and the four-shelf version, 500kg.

In all cases, if the standard offering is unsuitable, HepcoMotion can quote on any variation in size or profile. Alternative MCS profiles can also be used to achieve, for example, heavier duty options. Stainless steel surfaces are also available.

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