Compact industrial connectors feature high power ratings

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Compact industrial connectors feature high power ratingsThe Han Q 3/0 and Han Q 4/0 are the latest additions to Harting’s Han range of industrial connectors in the smallest 3A size range. Despite occupying an area measuring only 42mm², the new connectors have enough room for three power contacts and a protective earth contact (Han Q 3/0) or four power contacts (Han Q 4/0), giving them the highest power capacity in this compact industrial connector family.

Clearance and creepage distances in the Han 3/0 allow a 400V-rated voltage, which increases to 830V with the Han Q 4/0. Both connectors have similar load current capacities of approximately 40A with an ambient temperature of 40degC and a connection wire gauge of 4mm². Because connectors with standard Han C contacts can be used with a wire gauge of up to 10mm², currents of over 80A are possible, but in these cases the diameter of the cable entry needs to be taken into account.

Both connectors are suited to use in industrial environments. The Han Q 3/0 with protective earth contact is designed for 3-phase earthed networks and is typically used in three-phase motors. It can fit all housings in the 3A size, including all plastic and metal varieties and EMC protective housings, as well as the robust HPR and stainless steel housings.

The Han Q 4/0 comes with four power contacts and is used with equipment such as ventilators, fans or extraction units. In these applications, it offers the potential to reduce costs because two devices can be connected with one connector. The Han Q 4/0 is also suited for DC applications in conjunction with 3A size plastic housings.

To view the Han 3/0 industrial connector data sheet please click here: 3/0 data sheet (pdf 425kB). For the Han 4/0 data sheet please click here: 4/0 data sheet (pdf 342kB).

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