Mini-lever joystick supports roto-tilt and articulated steering

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Mini-lever joystick supports roto-tilt and articulated steering Parker Hannifin is introducing a new mini-lever joystick product featuring a patent pending ‘fourth proportional’ feature that provides an additional degree of functionality to support increasingly popular and important ‘roto-tilt’ and articulated steering applications in materials handling, forestry equipment, and the construction industry. The IQAN-LC6 analog mini-coordinate joystick has a rugged yet lightweight design that makes it suitable for vehicle armrest and panel mounting in outdoor mobile equipment applications. The fourth proportional control feature is implemented using an innovative, precise, easy-to-use ring around the base of the joystick. The default fitted ring has a small diameter, however, if needed, the operator can attach a larger sized ring to provide a different grip feeling.

The IQAN-LC6 uses non-contact hall-effect sensor technology and a modular design that improves the life expectancy of the joystick and helps minimise downtime and maintenance requirements. Dual sensors provide redundancy for additional safety and reliability. The IQAN-LC6 has improved immunity against external magnetic fields and adheres to standards for both radiated and emitted electromagnetic interference (EMI). Its design means it is able to withstand interference of up to 15milliTesla (mT), DC field. All electronic circuitry within the housing and handle is potted helping the IQAN-LC6 achieve its IP67 rating and allowing use in even the most challenging outdoor environments.

Small overall dimensions and an ergonomic design allow accurate control with minimal movements, meaning operators do not need to move their arms or shoulders. Parker has designed the IQAN-LC6 such that it can be used effectively with a three-finger grip where the forefinger is placed on top of the joystick, or a two-finger grip where the forefinger is placed on the side of the joystick. All proportional functions can be achieved without the user changing their chosen grip on the handle, making it suitable for repetitive, precise motion controls over extended periods of time.

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